Touch Screen

Mavé has developed a unique, touch screen, communication system, where all components in the HVAC system can communicate with each other. Because of this unique system, the components operate with a maximum of comfort at a minimum of energy use and sound level.

If cooling is required in one or more particular spaces, the software controls the chillers. The required cooling capacity is calculated by the software through a number of available parameters. The software then reduces the power output to the chillers to what is required at that time. The system regulates itself; if at certain times there is little power available on board, the power used by the complete MAR-IX system can be reduced with one single external signal. It is even possible to reduce the power output to one single preference part of the HVAC system. The owner’s cabin, for example, can be an exception, so that the comfort is not being compromised.

The MAR-IX communication system is equipped with a 9" touch screen to control and monitor each individual system component. With the touch screen, parameters can be changed or the system can be switched to another mode (frost protection mode). Log files are created and saved. Since all data are recorded, errors are easily diagnosed. The touch screen can be connected to the internet so that the Mavé engineer can offer online support and, if necessary, operate the system to adapt or update it.

Technical features
- Innovative 9" touch screen
- Central control for all cabins
- User-friendly interface
- Storage of log files
- Display of error codes
- Remote diagnosis and software update