MAR-IX SCU (self contained unit)


This airco is the smallest unit available within the MAR-IX product range, available in 2 or 3 kW cooling capacity. The MAR-IX SCU (self contained unit) is a complete and compact air conditioning system for small or medium sized boats, ideal to cool a single compartment. With its small footprint and flexibility, the quiet unit can be installed in narrow spaces. Environmental friendly refrigerant is used to meet the latest requirements.

All MAR-IX SCU units are equipped with a durable stainless steel casing, high performance rotary compressor and copper-nickel seawater condenser. The seawater pump, digital thermostat and connection cable are included in the delivery. For easy on site installation, Mavé can supply an appropriate sea water kit. A user manual, Declaration of Conformity and test certificate are part of the documentation set.





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Technical features
- Equipped with a rotary compressor
- Environmental friendly refrigerant (R407C)
- Mainly manufactured from stainless steel
- Seawater resistant condenser
- Seawater resistant water pump
- Equipped with vibration absorbers
- Pressure and temperature protection
- Low current
- Air outlet horizontally or vertically adjustable

Standard supply
- Self contained unit
- Seawater pump
- Digital thermostat including cable

- User manual
- Spare parts list
- Declaration of Conformity
- Test certificate

- Seawater kit
  (skin fitting, ball valve, seawater strainer)
- Marine approved air hose
  (thermally and acoustically insulated)
- Spare parts kit