MAR-IX Rack cooler

The MAR-IX 19" rack cooler (RC3H) is the solution for cooling down a computer rack or server room. Unlike a fan coil unit, the rack cooler always keeps its fan running. The unit can be connected to any chilled water source and is temperature controlled by a 2-way valve. The rack cooler has the same dimensions as a standard 19" computer rack, therefore it can easily be installed. The desired temperature can be pre-set at the digital display and is electronically controlled. The auto fan function will automatically control the fanspeed.

This stand alone unit can also be connected to the MAR-IX communication system with a RS-485 cable. This provides the possibility to operate and monitor the unit throughout one central area through the MAR-IX touch screen.

Technical features
- Active cooling functions
- Controlled fan speed
- Auto fan function
- Low current
- Digital display
- Easy installation in 19" computer rack
- Mainly manufactured from stainless steel
- Equipped with EC fan

Standard supply
- The RC3H unit
- User manual
- Spare parts list
- Declaration of Conformity
- Test certificate
- Spare parts kit