Modular chiller rack

The MAR-IX chiller rack is one of the latest developments in the application of multiple chiller units. In many cases more than one chiller unit will be used in the larger vessels in order to achieve a larger cooling capacity and to increase the reliability if there is a malfunctioning unit. The MAR-IX chiller rack is made up of standard chiller units of the A or AIV series; the size depending on the required cooling capacity.

If the user owns a fleet of different vessels, the same chiller unit can be applied with the exception that the number of chiller units per vessel can vary. Service, maintenance and spare parts will then be the same for each ship, which will lower the costs and required knowledge. Each chiller unit operates independently; in case of a malfunction of one unit, the other chillers continue to operate normally. Chillers can be removed and replaced separately while the system as a whole is functioning.

In addition, each rack chiller can be equipped with a touch screen on which the entire system can be monitored. If an internet connection is available, software updates can be carried out automatically and in case of a malfunction, a Mavé engineer can assist online to solve the problem.






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Technical features
- Up to 350 kW cooling capacity, configurable to 
  the customers' requirements

- Hot swap chiller replacement in less than

- Easy maintenance
- Durable stainless steel frame
- Completely pre-wired
- Factory support through internet connection
- Data logging by the touch screen
- All features of the AIV chiller system

Standard supply
- Chiller units
- User manual
- Interconnecting piping

- Spare parts list
- Declaration of Conformity
- Test certificate
- Seawater kit and circulation pump

- Spare parts kit