MAR-IX hydraulic chiller units are designed for ships equipped without a generator; cooling is generated by  a hydraulic system. The compressor and seawater pump are driven by hydraulic engines in the often already existing hydraulic system on board these ships. This makes the generator redundant. In addition, the hydraulic chiller unit is designed to function under the most severe shocks and under a large tilt angle.

All units are equipped with a seawater-cooled condenser made of copper/nickel. The HC series chiller units can be connected to all MAR-IX 24Vdc fan coil units and controlled by our electronics with or without communication.





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Technical features
- Equipped with hydraulically driven compressor 
and seawater pump
- Environmental friendly refrigerant
- Mainly manufactured from stainless steel
- Seawater resistant condenser
- Seawater resistant water pump
- Equipped with vibration absorbers
- Pressure and temperature protection
- Compact unit
- Resistant to rough seas and angles up to 60°

Standard supply
- The chiller unit
- User manual
- Hydraulically driven seawater pump

- Spare parts list
- Declaration of Conformity
- Test certificate
- Seawater kit and circulation pump

- Spare parts kit