MAR-IX fan coil units are known for their sophisticated and compact design of a high quality with a low noise level. There are various types of fan coil units available; different capacities and power supplies can be chosen. Fan coil units can be supplied with or without a 2- or 3-way valve and/or electric heater.

By applying high-pressure fans, it is possible to use long lengths of air channels. By applying high-quality fans, fans will produce no mechanical noise at low and high speed. All fans have a speed range of 5-100% and therefore are not regulated in large steps.

To achieve a very low noise level in your HVAC system, Mavé can assist you with the design of the air ducts.




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Technical features
- Compact format
- Mainly manufactured from stainless steel
- Rotatable fan casing
- Installation friendly
- High air flow air filter
- Quiet
- Low current
- Equipped with 4 drain connections
- Fully insulated
Available with:
- 3-way valve 230VAC or 24VDC
- 2-way TA-valve 230VAC or 24VDC
- Electric heating
- 1.5kW (5.800Btu) up to 13kW (40.200Btu)

Standard supply
- The fan coil unit
- User manual
- Spare parts list
- Declaration of Conformity
- Test certificate
- Marine approved air hose
  (thermally and accoustically insulated)
- Spare parts kit
- Condensate drain pump