MAR-IX electric water heaters are available in a large range of capacities and power supplies. Water heaters are not only used for heating ships, but can also be used for potable water heating or frost protection.

The HE water heater series converts electric power into heat. Smaller capacities can suffice with a 230Vac supply, larger capacities will mostly be powered by 400Vac. All heater models will function on 50 and 60 Hz. By default, the models are available up to a capacity of 30 kW. When a higher capacity is required, several heater units can be used together in one system.

All the models can be equipped with a simple manual thermostat, which switches the heating element on and off. In addition, all models are also available with a variable capacity control, which will gradually adjust the power supply to the desired water temperature. This will result in a constant temperature and the electrical system will not be exposed to fluctuating current consumptions. In case a MAR-IX communication system is installed, the heating capacity can be reduced when less electrical power is temporarily available for heating.

Technical features
- Available from 3 up to 30 kW
- Inverter system (optional)
- Completely stainless steel
- Easy installation

Standard supply
- The heater unit incl. control
- User manual
- Spare parts list
- Declaration of Conformity
- Test certificate
- Spare parts kit