The most eco-friendly marine HVAC system in the world

By using the MAR-IX marine HVAC system, several super yachts have already reduced the electric load of their HVAC system massively. In some cases the e-load reduction has been over 70% in the HVAC system and over 30% in the general electric load of the yacht. These remarkable results are the effect of smart product- and system engineering as well as using the newest available techniques. MAR-IX claims to be the most eco-friendly marine HVAC system in the world.

Once a vessel is able to reduce massively on its electrical power usage, it means an enormous improvement for the environment. Generators can be chosen smaller sized or do not have to produce so much power, which results in burning less fuel and by that less air pollution. Also the use of shore-power will be reduced. All these aspects certainly have a positive impact on the environment.

Reducing operational costs
By installing MAR-IX low energy consuming systems not only the environment is the winner, the benefits for the owners are interesting as well. Not only the building costs of a vessel will be reduced, but also the operational costs will decrease massively by using less fuel for generators and using less shore-power.

100% circular: recycling included
In case of a refit project we offer our clients the possibility to recycle the removed chiller plant and other HVAC equipment, we offer this for free. By providing this service to our clients we are really on top of the circularity. We are not only talking about the environment, we also take care of it!