MAR-IX inverter chiller units are designed in such a way that all refrigeration components are placed in a stainless steel casing. This ensures sound reduction and protection of the chiller against tough conditions in an engine room or other technical space. A major advantage of the compact design is that the chiller occupies little space.

The MAR-IX AIV series chiller units are equipped with inverter compressor technology which means that the chiller will not switch the compressor on and off, but  varies in speed to control the cooling capacity. By using this inverter technology, current peaks belong to the past and the electric system on board the ship will not be disrupted. It is standard that AIV chiller units are suitable for the most common power supplies, and will function on 50 as well as 60Hz.

All units are equipped with a seawater-cooled condenser made of copper/nickel. Optionally available is a high efficient condenser that can be connected directly to a box cooler. The AIV series chiller units can be connected to all MAR-IX fan coil units and controlled by our electronics with or without communication. If the AIV chiller is connected to the MAR-IX communication system, the chiller will also adjust its cooling capacity to the actual need. The chiller will not supply more cooling capacity than what is needed, which unburdens the electric power consumption.





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Technical features
- Equipped with inverter compressor technology
- Environmental friendly refrigerant
- Mainly manufactured from stainless steel
- Seawater resistant condenser
- Seawater resistant water pump
- Equipped with vibration absorbers
- Pressure and temperature protection
- Low current
- Quiet
- Compact unit
- No current peak at start-up
- Energy saving

Standard supply
- The chiller unit
- User manual
- Spare parts list
- Declaration of Conformity
- Test certificate
- Seawater kit and circulation pump

- Spare parts kit