Mavé is the only company in the world that has introduced a ventilation system that fully meets the requirements on board ships!

The materials used are resistant to the harsh conditions and salty air on board. The unit sizing is so compact that it can be applied on all ships. In addition, fresh air units can be equipped with a heat recovery system; a system which reuses up to 60% of the energy of the extraction air. This means that the required capacity is lower, and therefore that a smaller chiller or heater will suffice. Subsequently, a smaller generator can be used, which reduces costs.

A ventilation system with heat recovery function consists of two units. Firstly, a supply unit that emits fresh, filtered and conditioned air into all areas, and secondly a return unit that extracts air from toilets and wet areas. Residual heat (energy), which is normally discharged outside, will be used by the unique heat recovery system to pre-heat or cool the fresh air in the supply unit. The systems are equipped with a pressure controlled fan. The use of pressure controlled fans ensures that the volume of emitted air always remains constant. The pressure controlled fans keep the air in the ship at a slight overpressure, so that warm air will not enter the ship when a door is opened. The system is self-adjusting in case the air filters pollute.

All MAR-IX fresh air systems are equipped with a pre-filter and a F9 fine filter, which will result in the most optimal air quality. Mavé delivers standard ventilation systems with an output of 100m³ up to 5.000m³ /h. Units can be equipped with a cooling, heating and heat recovery battery. Instead of the heating battery, the customer can also opt for electric heating elements.

Mavé also offers the possibility to produce custom-built units with larger capacities.




Download technical sheet

Technical features
- Pressure controlled fan / EC fan
- Available with heat recovery
- Low current
- Mainly manufactured from stainless steel
- 4 drain connections

Standard supply
- The unit(s)
- A circulation pump
  (in case of a heat recovery system)

- User manual
- Spare parts list
- Declaration of Conformity
- Test certificate
Marine approved air hose
  (thermally and acoustically insulated)
Spare parts kit