Under the brand MAR-IX, marine HVAC products are designed and built for the marine industry.
MAR-IX offers a wide range in heating, ventilation and air-conditioning products and systems in all kinds of capacities with various power supplies.

MAR-IX systems are well known for their small size, low sound levels  and excellent quality. Added to that, smaller sized systems also result in weight reduction, which is a important aspect for vessels. With delivering smaller sized equipment we are able to offer the ships designers and shipyards more work- and living space and less technical areas.

The most eco-friendly marine HVAC system in the world.
By using the MAR-IX marine HVAC system, several (super yacht) shipyards have already reduced the electric load of their HVAC system massively. In some cases the e-load reduction has been over 70% in the HVAC system and over 30% in the general electric load of the yacht. These remarkable results are the effect of smart product- and system engineering as well as using the newest available techniques. MAR-IX claims to be the most eco-friendly marine HVAC system in the world.

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We have our own Design & Engineering department. The designs we create are energy efficient and durable, with an eye for detail, but we also ensure that each unit is easily serviceable once installed. Our engineers and designers like to think along with our customers, both ship-builders and end users.

All products are manufactured in our factory in The Netherlands. Within our modern production facility we are able to manufacture and test each product and system extensively and completely independent; we can control the entire production process. Accurate project management and a precise production planning ensure the achievement of on-time deliveries.

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