Under the product name MAR-IX, Mavé manufactures heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems for all marine applications. Mavé is the specialist when it comes to customized solutions and short delivery times for a complete HVAC system. Through years of experience, we know the industry and therefore design all our equipment using durable materials, small dimensions and with a great eye for serviceability. For more than ten years, Mavé has produced chiller units that are equipped with the unique inverter compressor technology. Through these years of experience with this technology, Mavé has been able to evolve this system and now the MAR-IX chiller unit is a top product in its sector. The MAR-IX fresh air unit is the only system in the world that can be equipped with a special heat recovery system, developed by Mavé; a system that can yield an energy conservation of up to 60%. Even when equipped with the heat recovery system, our units are still more compact than any other fresh air unit on the market and therefore suitable for installation in the smallest of spaces.