Enjoy the winter season on your yacht with a comfortable MAR-IX heating system. Floor heating, deck heating and pool heating are a few of the solutions that contribute to a luxury experience. Each system can be integrated into the complete HVAC design.  


A well balanced ventilation system is of great importance. Both the extraction of moist and the refreshing of musty air by replacing it with filtered conditioned air, will keep each space a healty environment to be in. The MAR-IX fresh air unit is the only system in the world that can be equipped with a special heat recovery system; a system that can yield an energy conservation of up to 60%.


Enjoy your comfort onboard! A pleasant temperature and a low noise level are the two most important conditions in order to experience a comfortable feeling onboard. With over 25 years of experience, Mavé supplies air-conditioning systems with the highest comfort for the owner and his guests.


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